Archive’Up is a unique automated solution to upgrade your audiovisual archives

Automatically restore your video archives:

  • Sharpen videos by lowering noise and film grain  
  • Remove stains and specific silver defects
  • Reduce light fluctuations and pumping effect 
  • Reduce aliasing (anti-aliasing)
  • Improve videos resolution

Restore archives of various formats: 

  • Silver film (8, 16, 35 mm)
  • Analog videos (U-Matic/BVU, Betacam et Beta SP, Hi8) 
  • Digital videos (Betacam SX, Digital Betacam, DVCam, DVCPro, HDV…) 

Our technology

Archive’Up restores and enhances media archives using HDR technology. Our patented algorithms create long exposures by stacking multiple images of a video sequence. In order to enhance a frame, they analyse and capture all relevant information in its neighbouring frames. The process does not generate any new data but only uses the ones found in the video.

By managing the luminous dynamics of a scene, i.e. the difference between the brightest and the darkest, Archive’Up provides greater detail in dark areas and increases the signal-to-noise ratio.

About us

HDRlog is a Southern-France based company, founded and run by photographer and sciences PhD-doctorate Jacques Joffre. After co-founding Photomatix, a company leader in HDR creation images, Jacques wanted to bring the worlds of video and HDR technology together. He launched HDRlog in 2013 and developed, together with the help of top-notch computer vision engineers, two pieces of software based on a powerful HDR technology: HDRinstant and Archive Up. 

While Archive’Up allows to restore and enhance audiovisual archives, HDRinstant enables the extraction of image and creation of HDR images from videos. 

Jacques Joffre, founder and CEO